How To Gain Weight Healthy? Weight Gain Meal Plan

In the past, food was consumed for different purposes, but the concern for weight was a minor one, if any. This has changed in recent years thanks to various campaigns that showed how much weight can affect health and the risk of many diseases. Weight diets are now available from different sources including both medical and non-medical ones.

Food for Weight Gain

When we consume excessive food, most of its nutrients are excreted in stools. However, glucose in food, which is its main sugar, is stored in the body in various forms. Glucose rises in the blood and is then converted to fat which is deposited in the abdomen and other parts of the body. The amount of energy in food is represented in energy units called calories. Calories differ widely among food items with sugars containing most calories while vegetables containing the least.

Increasing the number of calories alone can help you gain weight, but the main issue would be that this gained weight would be in the form of fat, and fat, especially, that which accumulates in the abdomen is known to cause a multitude of diseases including heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Most people who want to gain weight through diet would want to do it in a healthy way to prevent the mentioned diseases.

Food for Healthy Weight Gain

Food for healthy weight gain should include large amounts of protein and vitmains to make sure that there is a healthy increase of your weight. Protein is usually the deficient component of most diets. Protein can be obtained from various easily prepared foods including:

1) Fish

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Fish contains protein of the highest quality and can be consumed for weight gain. Fish is usually lower in calories than other sources of protein such as red meat. Fish also contains healthy fatty acids which help your brain and nervous system. It is better to aim for fatty fish including salmon and tuna.