Top Healthy Food | 13 Foods That Are Super Healthy

Is Food Everything?

While a healthy diet is indeed one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, it is not enough. Many aspects of your life need to change if you want a healthy body including sleep, exercise, and avoiding stress. Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are also important if you want to spare your body the risk of many cancers and stomach problems.

A healthy amount of sleep of no less than 7 hours can significantly lower your cholesterol level and lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Exercise also helps you burn excess calories while increasing your basal metabolic rate, which is your basic body needs of calories. Increasing your basal metabolic rate helps you avoid diseases like diabetes and coronary heart problems. It is also important to know how and when to consume your food.

It is advisable to divide your meals and eat them when you are most active. Eating a large lunch before bed will increase the level of cholesterol in your blood to a greater level than if you ate a large breakfast. In addition, a large meal before bed can cause you stomach problems and reflux. Eating smaller amounts and more meals will help regulate blood sugar and decrease the strain on your pancreas.