Best Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments | Psoriatic Arthritis Advanced Treatment Options

6) Physical therapy

Physical therapy is an essential part of the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. It helps to relieve pain, improve joint mobility, and restore normal function. Physiotherapy helps to reduce inflammation by applying gentle massage, joint mobilization, and stretching exercises. This helps to reduce the pain and swelling associated with psoriatic arthritis. Furthermore, physical therapists can advise how to reduce stress, which can help reduce the impact of psoriatic arthritis on the body.

Physical therapists can also teach patients how to properly use assistive devices, such as braces and splints, to help manage symptoms and improve joint mobility. They can also provide education and instruction on how to do daily activities with fewer restrictions. In addition, physical therapists can provide exercises to help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. These exercises help to reduce pain, improve joint function, and reduce the risk of future joint damage.