Best Protein-Rich Foods | Top Foods High in Protein

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Proteins are a part of the three important macronutrients alongside carbohydrates and fats. Proteins make up every cell in our body and many tissues like skin, hair, blood, nails, bones, and muscles. approximately one-fifth of our body is made up of proteins, which are made up of small building blocks called “amino acids” when we consume proteins from our diet it gets broken down into their constituting amino acids which then recombine in different forms to make different types of proteins that serve a variety of functions in our bodies, there are 20 different amino acids and 9 of them are called “essential amino acids” that our bodies cannot produce on their own so we must obtain them from the diet.

Animal sources are mostly rich in all essential amino acids but plant sources seldom contain all of them that’s why vegetarians must try to combine as many types of vegetables to supply their bodies with complete high-quality proteins.

Why do we Need Protein?

  1. Protein is essential for healing the body as most of the fibrin and clotting factors that block the wound are made up of proteins
  2. Children, pregnant, and lactating women need more protein to help them achieve proper growth and development
  3. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles they will help you lose weight, be strong, and become active.
  4. Athletes who left weights and do endurance training need a higher content of protein-rich foods to increase their muscle bulk
  5. Proteins are an important source of energy that takes a while to burn when our bodies are depleted from carbohydrates and fats, one gram provides only 4 calories of energy.
  6. Proteins are needed to build important body enzymes and hormones needed to send signals between different organs
  7. Proteins have different functions according to their configuration there are albumin, globulin, hemoglobin, myoglobin, and many others that all have their own purpose.
  8. Proteins are essential for producing antibodies and immunoglobulins that defend our body against invading organisms and boost our immune system
  9. proteins are responsible for controlling the oncotic pressure and keeping the fluid balance across the cells

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