Short Summary

Every day people are more worried about online security and privacy, and we are also interested in keeping you private and secure while browsing In this regard, we abstain from collecting information we don’t need, and the only information we gather from your browser is kept in our databases and used to create statistics and help us improve our site.

The purpose of collecting browser data is to understand how readers browse If we ask for personal information at any time, you can opt not to provide it, and the primary purpose is to include you in a newsletter or another additional benefit. We do not sell personal information or any data gathered by browsers to third parties, and the use is limited to that expressed in these lines.

Regardless of the place you reside, you will receive from us the same essential privacy protection you will get on other safe pages over the internet. Similar to what happens in other safe sites, nobody can guarantee 100% safety, and we encourage all of our users to exercise precautions and common sense while navigating our site and others.

By navigating, you automatically agree to the summary and the detailed version of the privacy policy. Future changes to the privacy policy statement can be made without previous agreement, and we encourage our readers to stay updated with any modifications.

Long Version is an educational website that is currently found online under the address

When you browse this site and read our articles, you will agree automatically to these privacy policy statements, even if you didn’t take the time to read them thoroughly. There is no exception to this initial statement.

On this page, you will find what happens with your information, what type of information we collect, and what the team of does with it. only collects information from its users when it is required for statistical purposes. This data includes the location of users and some information collected automatically by the browser, and it is meant to find new ways to improve different aspects of our site and user experience. We may change the way works and the type of information it offers based on the statistical data gathered in this way with the primary purpose of improving our services.

How Do We Collect Information?

In, you are not forced to provide your personal information to access the site’s contents. Thus, you don’t have to provide your email, name, or any other data that reveal your identity if you do not want. In some instances, you can have the option to provide your mail address, which is only meant to deliver information that you purposefully request, such as a newsletter, a gift PDF, or similar.

If we ever ask for any information on our site, it will be your email and name. There’s no reason to ask for billing information of any type, and we encourage you to inform us if you ever find a pop-up or any message that asks for this type of personal information. If we ever change this policy in the future, it will be stated on this page, and we will protect your information by directing you to a safe-buy page.

Information collected without your knowledge includes the IP address that corresponds to your computer, your country, and other browser data that shows up on our servers every time you visit and every time you refresh a page or enter a new one. This is known as log data, and it is anonymous information that can´t be tracked and can’t reveal your identity. When processing this data, we use third-party companies that analyze this information to create usage statistics and strategies collected in graphs to monitor user experience on our site.

As for personal information such as email and name used for marketing purposes, they are not sold to a third party. Their only goal is to offer the data directly to your mail. You can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t want to receive any other message from our team and us. If you do that, your data will be erased from our system.

In some cases, police forces and government agencies may ask for personal or log information on our site. This type of request is usually meant to increase internet security and to investigate law violations. It is the only way a third party will access information collected by our site.

Cookies and Privacy

Cookies are files automatically downloaded to your computer when you browse pages on the internet. Cookies have data about your browser and browsing experience. It is a valuable tool for evaluating online behavior and personal preferences, but it does not include any data that may reveal your identity. It is entirely anonymous, and your identity will remain private, even if you decide to accept all cookies., like many other safe browsing websites, uses cookies to analyze user preferences and offer a better service. You will be asked if you agree with cookies; they will be stored on your site only if you accept. If you do not accept cookies, you can browse However, your access may be limited in some cases.

The information collected through cookies does not allow us to track or reveal your identity. It won’t be sold or offered to other sites or agencies.

Final Words

Many users value the anonymity of internet browsing and want to remain anonymous. We care for your privacy online and ensure you’re always protected. However, always remember that the Internet is sometimes not safe, and there are many malicious users online. Thus, we encourage all of our users to remain safe and care for their own privacy while browsing and any other site. We do our best to maintain safe at all times but can’t guarantee a 100% safe online environment.

This privacy policy is effective by August 19, 2022. The statements were written by this time, but they can be subject to change without notification. Thus, we encourage you to visit this page frequently to ensure that you are updated with our privacy policy statements. Even if you don’t, the new updates will still be effective, and you will automatically agree to them by browsing our site.