Understand Knee Osteoarthritis | Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

3) Rickets

Rickets is a disorder caused by the deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate that leads to the weakening and softening of bones in children. It is one of the leading causes of knee osteoarthritis.

Rickets leads to weakening joint cartilage due to an inadequate supply of minerals and vitamins. This causes the joint to become more prone to wear and tear, leading to the formation of cracks in the cartilage. Over time, these cracks become more severe, leading to the development of osteoarthritis.

In addition to weakening the joint cartilage, Rickets also leads to the formation of bone spurs, an abnormality of bone growth. These bone spurs form on the joint surfaces and can put additional pressure on the joint when it is in motion, leading to a further reduction in the strength of the joint cartilage. This eventually leads to the development of knee osteoarthritis.