Understanding Kidney Stones Causes and Symptoms | All You Need to Know!

3) Pain in the thighs, groin, or genitals

Kidney stone pain is caused by the stones blocking the flow of urine from the body and pressing against the walls of the urinary tract. This causes inflammation of the delicate tissues in the area, which in turn leads to pain. The stones can range in size from tiny to very large and can cause different types of pain. That’s why pain is different from one patient to the other, and sometimes the same patient can experience different types and pain locations.

When pain is located on your thighs, groin, or genitals, this is probably because the kidney stones are located in the urinary bladder and are already starting to travel through the urethra. The reason behind this awkward location is referred pain, which is an equivocal interpretation of the brain about the exact area where inflammation is located.