Understanding Kidney Stones Causes and Symptoms | All You Need to Know!

Kidney stones are painful, irritating, and downright inconvenient. They cause significant pain and force many patients to the emergency room yearly.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the causes and symptoms of this common complaint, and when talking about causes, we’ll also give you a few tips and some insight about what to do to prevent kidney stones.

Causes of kidney stones

1) Genetics

Genetics plays an essential role in the development of kidney stones. They are caused by an accumulation of mineral salts in the body. These salts are formed due to an imbalance in the body’s calcium and oxalate levels. Genetics can increase the risk of developing kidney stones by increasing the body’s calcium and oxalate levels and the way your body handles these substances.

In addition, genetics can influence how the body processes certain medications. For instance, certain medications can interfere with the normal metabolism of calcium and oxalate, and the resulting accumulation of mineral salts can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Moreover, genetics can also influence the body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients, such as calcium and oxalate.

By understanding the role of genetics in developing kidney stones, individuals can detect whether kidney stones are common in the family and do regular check-ups following a healthy diet and water consumption to prevent this problem.