12 Best Protein Snacks | Healthy High Protein Snacks

6) Nitrate-Free Jerky

Jerky is a traditional food, usually made from beef, dried and smoked. The name comes from the German word “Jerich,” meaning dried meat. You can find jerky in several flavors and cuts, including lean, spicy, jerky sticks, and nitrate-free jerky. Jerky has become increasingly popular as a snack, and for a good reason. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also a very healthy option.

Try to look for nitrate-free jerky when buying this snack because some brands use added nitrates. This can increase your risk of a reaction if you are sensitive to the preservative. Nitrates are used as a natural flavor enhancer, so they are used in many foods that we consume on a daily basis. So, alright, jerky is considered a processed food, but you can reduce the impact on your body if you buy it without nitrates.