12 Best Protein Snacks | Healthy High Protein Snacks

4) Greek Yogurt

from leftsidepains

Greek yogurt is one of the most versatile high-protein snacks. It can be used in place of sour cream in dips and spreads, stirred into salads and soups, and served over desserts as a creamy accompaniment. Plus, it’s easy to keep on hand for those impromptu afternoon snack or dessert cravings.

But Greek yogurt has a bad rap for some people — it’s not creamy enough for those who don’t like smoothies or shakes, and it doesn’t have the tangy flavor many people associate with dairy. That’s why they sell Greek yogurt with flavors and sugar, which ruins the protein and carb ratio. So, when you’re out buying Greek yogurt, make sure you only purchase plain and unflavored varieties.