Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Healthy Breakfast Foods To Eat

There is no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and breakfast differs widely among cultures and even within the same culture. It can be composed of different food elements with different proportions depending on the local area and what a certain population sees as healthier or more nourishing. However, now that the world is an interconnected place, it has become easier for us to consume breakfast meals from all over the world, and a healthy breakfast has become the goal of many people to achieve optional health.

Do we Really Need Breakfast?

There are various questions regarding breakfast, and one of the most common is whether we need it in the first place. One of

Breakfast in the United States

Unfortunately, and thanks to a wide range of propaganda and unhealthy eating habits in the past, what most Americans perceive as a healthy breakfast has become less so across the years. For example, the number of calories in an average American breakfast are huge, and the amount of refined sugar and unhealthy fats are only increasing. What most people around the world would consider as dessert or side dishes the American public use as a main dish during breakfast including, but not limited to, pies covered with butter and honey, sweet cereals, whipped cream, and waffles with chocolate. This, coupled with the wide range of sandwich spreads has made the American breakfast one of the unhealthiest and has, sadly, contributed to a rising trend of childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Therefore, there is a need for a balanced breakfast or breakfast choices to make sure that your body avoid the harm that the above-mentioned components bring. Below are some options you should consider for a healthy breakfast that contains high nutrient value:

1) Eggs

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Eggs have been a part of breakfast since eternity. Their benefits cannot be overstated. They contain a high amount of protein with a single egg providing you with 25% of your daily needs of protein. They also contain many vitamins, including vitamins B6, B12, and D. Eggs can be eaten in different ways including boiled, scrambled and pan fried or even as an addition to other food.

The main downside of eggs is that they contain a large amount of cholesterol, and while it is perfectly healthy for a healthy individual to eat around 2 eggs a day without fearing for their cholesterol level, you should exercise more caution if your cholesterol level is high. You can, however, eat the white of the eggs since all of the cholesterol is found in the egg yolk.