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If my Cholesterol is high, will I need medications?

High level of cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks. It should, therefore, be controlled as soon and as effectively as possible. High levels of cholesterol are usually found incidentally and do not show symptoms.

If your doctor finds out that you have high cholesterol, they may suggest some changes to your lifestyle including some dietary modifications and exercise. They will then give you some time to test your body’s response to such changes. Most people with mildly elevated cholesterol will respond and will not need any additional drugs.

If, however, you do not show an appropriate response, then a medication may be needed along with the previously mentioned changes. The most commonly used medication is called statin. Statins are a group of drugs that lower your level of cholesterol through preventing your body from making more of it. They are usually effective, but their main drawback is that they are usually taken for life and have some side effects including muscle pain and liver problems.

High cholesterol level has no symptoms except for mild tiredness that you may attribute to different other causes. Complications, however, including heart attacks, strokes, and problems in your blood vessels can present by different and often severe symptoms, necessitating medical care.