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Are all Cholesterol-Rich Foods bad?

With all what is mentioned above, it is easy to think that all food rich in cholesterol essentially bad, but it is far more complicated. It is unlikely for dietary cholesterol to raise your cholesterol significantly as was proven by research unlike refined sugars.

Also, many cholesterol rich food is also rich in other vitamins and does not increase the level of cholesterol significantly. The prime example of these foods are eggs. Eggs are indeed rich in cholesterol with one medium egg containing 200 milligrams of cholesterol. However, it has been proven that eating eggs also increases the level of HDL.

Another example is yoghurt made from whole milk, where it is rich in cholesterol, but also in protein and calcium. A balance should be made to not deprive your body of minerals or protein for cholesterol and to choose the food that provides you the greatest benefit rather than completely avoiding cholesterol regardless of its source.