Best Foods That Lower Cholesterol | Superfoods That Lower Bad Cholesterol

Foods you should avoid

Although the above mentioned food can help you lower cholesterol, it is also important to stop eating certain foods that are so rich in cholesterol including:

  1. Red meat: Red meat contains one of the highest level of cholesterol found in animal products. It is also rich in iron, vitamins, and protein. Therefore, moderation is the key, and you should also choose meat with the least amount of fat. You should be extra careful if you have high cholesterol or had any complication including heart attacks or strokes.
  2. Fried food: Fried food is rich in cholesterol and is found almost all fast food. Deep frying also adds several other chemicals that increase the risk of cancer. It is always better to replace fried food for roasted one.
  3. Pastry and desserts: Pastry and desserts are rich in refined sugar, and sugar is converted to cholesterol if not used up by the body. In fact, most cholesterol in your body was formed through this process. When eating pastry, you usually take in too much sugar for you to use, and the rest is converted to cholesterol. It is always better to avoid refined sugars and depend on natural ones instead from fruits.
  4. Processed meat: Red meat is already rich in cholesterol, but processed meat is additionally so to give it flavor. It also contains many other substances that have been proven to increase the risk of colon and stomach cancers.