Why We Need Iron? Top 8 Foods High in Iron

5) Oysters

from leftsidepains

3 ounces of oysters contain 8 mg of Iron.

Shells in general are one of the best sources of Iron with oysters being one of the richest sources of Iron, oysters are low in calories but are loaded with nutrients they are great sources of high-quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids and healthy fats that are full of Omega-3 fatty acids they are full of antioxidants that protect humans from the oxidative damage.

You have to make sure that you get fresh oysters since eating oysters poses a greater risk of bacterial contamination and having too many oysters which are full of zinc has negative health effects.

You can cook oysters by boiling down for a couple of minutes or steaming them if you want or you can have them raw with a little bit of hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon.