Why We Need Iron? Top 8 Foods High in Iron

4) Beef Liver

from leftsidepains

3 ounces of pan-fried liver contain 15.2 mg of Iron.

Beef liver is considered to be a superfood, and is an excellent source of many nutrients like proteins that help build your muscles with fewer calories than red meat, it is full of vitamins and minerals like Iron, vitamin B complex, copper, and vitamin A which are fantastic for eye health. the only problem is that pregnant females cannot consume liver as it is full of Vitamin A which has negative risks on the growing fetus and people who suffer from gout since the liver is full of uric acid which increases inflammation.

You can enjoy liver by panfrying it or using it to make a liver pate which is an excellent delicacy that is full of nutrients you can even add it to meats and make nutritious meatloaves and burgers.