Why We Need Iron? Top 8 Foods High in Iron

2) Lentils

from leftsidepains

Half a cup of boiled lentils contains 3 mg of Iron.

Lentils are edible seeds from the legume family they come in different colors but the most frequent ones are brown and orange lentils, they are used as a staple and many countries like the Middle Eastern countries. lentils are a cheap way of having a lot of nutrition they are made up of a lot of protein so they are an excellent meat alternative for vegetarians and they are excellent sources of non-heme Iron they are also high in fiber that supports your regular bowel movements and prevent constipation they are full of polyphenols that have an antioxidant anti-inflammatory activity they help increase your HDL cholesterol levels and decrease your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels it also controls your blood pressure and blood sugar levels although they have tannins and phytates in them which can bind to minerals like Iron and impair their absorption, the amount of these chemicals are not enough to impair absorption completely and they are reduced further by cooking.

You can enjoy lentils by just boiling them and then draining them and enjoy them in salads or on their own what a bunch of vegetables and spices.