Best Healthy Energy Balls Recipes | Easy & Delicious Protein Balls

Sometimes you need an afternoon snack, but not something that fills your stomach. What if you only need something to chew upon while watching your favorite series after a long day at work? Or maybe something small to fill you up a bit before a strenuous workout. For all that and more applications, that’s where energy balls come in handy.

Energy balls are the perfect snack to have on hand because they are convenient, portable, and can be made quickly and easily. These bite-sized snacks are usually made from fruits or veggies, but they can also be made with protein powder or a mix of different ingredients. They’re a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help you feel full and energized. If you’re looking for something sweet, fruit-based balls are a great option. However, nuts, seeds, and even chocolate chips can be added to the mix if you want to go savory.

As we grow older, we often find it more challenging to keep our weight down. But we still love food and love to eat, but it takes a long time to develop healthy eating habits, and one of the guilty pleasures we often have is a sweet snack full of carbs and added sugar. Instead of doing that, why don’t you try one of these energy ball recipes? You’ll not only fill yourself up but also contribute to your nutrition, and they don’t have as many calories as your typical processed cookie or sweet.

Cranberry Orange Energy Balls

This is the first recipe we will introduce. It is a quick and very easy snack recipe, and it doesn’t require any baking, but you will need a food processor this time, and enough time to use it, clean it and put your energy balls in the fridge.

The main ingredients of this recipe are, as you have probably guessed, cranberries and orange zest. But besides these ingredients, we will also include coconut oil and almonds. These ingredients not only blend together very well in a food processor. They also tend to harden when you put them in the fridge for a little while.

So, the preparation simply requires taking everything to the food processor, taking out the blend, and creating your energy balls. Put them in the fridge for one or two hours, and you’ll be good to go. You can leave it for a more extended period if you want a harder consistency.